The journey begins!


I wasn’t sure what woke me up today. The morning sun penetrating through my cheap off-white blinds or the warm LCD glow of my laptop that I left on when I feel asleep.

I blinked a few blinks, rubbed the sleep from my eyes and thought, today was the day!

At the precipice of a grueling work schedule filled with a blitzkrieg of clinicals and exams, I decided to start my travel blog. This idea had been impregnated in my mind by friends but I never had the motivation to click a few clicks and begin the arduous task of documenting my experiences while I travel. But today was different, I don’t know why. The cold of my room, the hum of my laptop, the sounds of cars passing by… as I lay there, it reminded me of some of the strange places I’ve slept at. I pensively reminisced about some of my misadventures. I was almost homeless in Morocco, we had a flat tire in the desert, I lost my brothers in Tokyo, I’ve stole my way into a gallery opening for free cheese and wine…  fond memories. So, as I enter this digital realm of public access I wonder if it will cause a paradigm shift in the way we interact. In a way, I will be disconnected from all of you but at the same time, I reach many more of you (hopefully, haha). If I share with you my stories, will you share your stories with me?


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  1. I like the idea,Ben! I would love to read about your travels,and if I have to be honest,not only the misadventures,but the exciting adventures too,the things you have learned,the things you loved and impressed you! Keep them coming! :))

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