The road not taken… is long and arduous


I sit here on the bus, finding myself backtracking my route to the airport. Nothing was lost, stolen or forgotten. I’m simply going to the airport through a most cumbersome and convoluted path. This was not for shits and giggles, au contraire. It has been a grueling and tiresome journey of 4.5 hours that has eroded my spirits and chipped away at my sanity. The most direct route could have found me at the airport in about 2 hours time,so why did I choose to take this ridonkeylously lengthier path? Well, the economics of travel is interesting nowadays. No longer are costs correlated with distances, but more so the popularity and accessibility of an area. Going direct from my city to the airport would have cost more than thrice what I have paid, and yet my current journey was longer and consumed more gas. I took a bus that overshot to London, and from London back to the airport. However, as both these routes are frequently serviced, they are cheaper than the direct route. With most direct routes, what you are paying for is convenience. Understandably, when you are tight on time, such fees must be paid but as a poor student, squandering time is not an issue for me… it’s actually a specialty especially when it comes to studying. Anyways, this saves me a substantial chunk of money but it is both tasking to find the route and endure it. Like many trips, this is a test which makes you ponder… How frugal am I willing to be?


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