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And miles to go before I sleep…


Tomorrow, I embark on my super-cheap coach trip via Megabus from Birmingham to Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris for a grand total of… *drum roll please*… £13.50. Less than the cost of trying to impress a girl at the bar, more than the cost of a homemade lunch and just about the same cost of some booking fees. Megabus has introduced new routes to these destinations and I believe these are super-cheap tickets to undercut (obviously) competition and generate media buzz. It’s a great deal and I’m excited to be headed out on the road again!

But, it is not all rosebuds and sunshine. The road is long and arduous. Since I’m taking the coach, it is a 12 hour ride from Birmingham to Paris and a further 10 from Paris to Amsterdam. Luckily, I’ve opted for the night bus so I will be sleeping on the lap of luxury. I kid. Megabus skimps on little features such as plugs to recharge your phone or camera, footrests and wifi but considering the cost of my travel and some of my previous sleeping arrangements, these are but minor trivialities. What I fear for is sleeping on the bus for 5 out of 9 nights. Two key things when travelling are good shoes and a good night’s rest. The former may be easier to achieve than the latter if you’re staying frugal and sleeping is only a necessity for you. So far on my travels, I have slept in coach stations and buses, train stations and trains, airports and planes, at cafes, in a garden, and in the woods (at an anarchist camp, I might add). Sometimes, it’s difficult to muster the courage to just sleep anywhere you can due to circumstances, but you eventually get used to it. This is certainly not for everyone but sleeping at an airport might be a shared experience by all despite affluence.

One of my most beloved airports in England is London-Stansted. “London”-Stansted is actually an hour north of London by bus and in the remote regions of butt-nowhere. Hence, it’s cheap for airliners to service this airport and offer reduced fares. Due to its location, however, it’s difficult when you have an early morning flight and buses that take you to the airport cost more than a limb. So, why not just take the midnight express and have a sound sleep at the airport, under the warm glow of florescent lighting, the smooth, cold plastic of the cushioned seats and the soft hum of transportation machinery. Albeit, Stansted is better than some airports, *cough* London-Luton which doesn’t even offer seats to sit on while you wait to board. It is absolutely horrific. Budapest Airport though, that is one of the luxury airports I have experienced to date. Clean white walls, modern chic furniture, free wifi… fire star airport if I have anything say about it.

Budapest Airport

Are you headed to camp out at an airport soon? Do not fear, for Sleeping in Airports has you covered. This website charts the best and worst airports of the year, lets you rate your experience and lists the amenities available to you so you can be prepared for the best of times or the worst of times.

Side note: Toronto’s Pearson Airport ranked 10th on the world list… NOT BAD!

Well, I’m signing off and off to pack for my Eurotrip. I’ll update you on my nights on the bus as soon as I get time. More adventures and tips ahead! 🙂